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Roadmap for additive manufacturing


The first planned update of the roadmap for additive manufacturing is out.

The first Czech roadmap for additive manufacturing is a strategic document that summarizes the representation of additive technologies in the Czech Republic and shows the direction and opportunities for further development. The roadmap is prepared for the next 10 years. Its first update was deliberately planned after the first year, and the next one after five years. The UK Centre of Excellence at ASTM was heavily involved in the actual preparation.


Many experts from companies, universities and non-profit organisations have been involved in the preparation of the roadmap and its update, including: TECHNODAT, CAE-systémy, s.r.o., METAL3D s.r.o., Safran Cabin CZ s.r.o., Gühring s.r.o., Prusa Research a.s., Škoda JS a.s., Škoda Auto a.s., ProSpon spol. s r.o., COMTES FHT a.s, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Regional Development Agency of the Pilsen Region, National Centre of Industry 4.0, National Cluster Association, z.s., ONE3D s.r.o., Moravian Aviation Cluster, z.s., 3Dwiser s.r.o., NANOPROGRESS, z.s., Bayern Innovativ GmbH.
We thank them for their time and contribution.


It has to be said that CTPAV cannot do everything, although we have accomplished a lot in the first year of the Roadmap's life. This is illustrated by the fulfilled plans in our "swimlines". We are glad that organisations and experts are also getting involved in the achievement of the set goals and we firmly believe that we will do even better.


The road map is freely downloadable on our website. We will be glad if you use it for your work and contribute to the spread and use of advanced technologies in the Czech environment.