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Consulting & Projects

Not sure how to get started with additive manufacturing? Is it right for your operation?

We can help you solve these and other questions. 


CTPAV acts as a platform for the exchange of views and experiences in the field of additive manufacturing.  You don't have to know everything yourself, we can connect you with experts in the Czech Republic and abroad who will be happy to guide you through your beginnings.


The CTPAV team provides interested parties with a paid consultancy service in the field of project management, , consultations on selected subsidy programs, and also the preparation of various analyses.



  • maps the environment of additive technologies in the Czech Republic

  • inspires and motivates for higher involvement of additive technologies in production

  • promotes interdisciplinary cooperation



  • CTPAV is part of the MECHATRONIKA Cluster (KM) and therefore a member of the National Cluster Association. This gives us the opportunity to cooperate with other progressive clusters and associations across the Czech Republic.

  • A long-standing partner of KM / CTPAV is the Bavarian organisation Bayern Innovativ, which manages the Bavarian coordination point for additive manufacturing. 

  • AMCoE - ASTM's Center of Excellence for Additive Manufacturing - also helps us disseminate information on new methods and standards. 

  • CTPAV is a member of the European Additive Manufacturing Technology Platform and contributes to its strategic documents. 

Our aim is to show the possibilities and competences of the Czech industry. We promote Czech achievements (not only) at the European level. 


We are constantly expanding our network of institutions with which we cooperate and which help us to present Czech potential. 



  • Workshops, Online Sessions

CTPAV is organizing a series of events aimed at popularizing Additive Manufacturing in the Czech Republic. We will present current trends, interesting projects and examples from practice and give you space for your questions and personal meetings with the experts present. 


  • Experts Meetings, Conferences

Additive manufacturing is such a large topic that it deserves larger event formats. CTPAV participated in the meeting of experts and active projects in the Czech-Bavarian region (March 2022). Here too, we place great emphasis on face-to-face meetings between company representatives and experts from research institutions. Another similar event awaits us in 2023.

  • Tailor-made Events

We offer you the opportunity to show off your potential and your achievements. We can organize a customized event at your place. We need a space and a main topic you want to talk about. We will complement your contribution with suitable presentations by other experts on the topic. Just get in touch :-)







CTPAV is far from the only one to help you gain new knowledge and skills. You can find an overview of opportunities in our map and we share invitations to interesting events in our news




Consulting & Projects